Leigh Anne and I have been friends for many years. So many years, that I had no idea how much the process for applying to colleges has changed. When Leigh Anne and I were preparing for college, it seemed simple and straightforward. We took the ACT, sent it to the colleges of our choice and waited to be accepted.

As my son begin approaching his senior year in high school, I thought we were prepared to start the college admission process.  It didn’t take long before we both felt completely overwhelmed. Thankfully, I reached out to Leigh Anne. I knew her expertise and proficiency in this area far exceeded mine. She has been instrumental in helping both of us navigate the intimidating process of applying to colleges for 2019, while also helping him find a career focus through her career coaching process.

My son connected with her immediately. She made him feel comfortable and confident right away. I was not surprised. Through her thorough assessments, feedback and knowledge, she gave him clarity regarding his strengths and interests, and the related colleges and majors he wants to pursue.

Since meeting with her, my son is working hard to improve his test scores and GPA.  He’s excited about his transition to college and is now focused on specific college goals. I am excited for him! I’m so grateful for Leigh Anne’s encouragement and guidance! I am blessed to call her my friend!