College Essay ecourse for High School Rising Seniors And Parents 


“I had three ideas for my main essay and agonized over which one was best for weeks. My mom signed me up to work with Ms. Spraetz. She listened to all three and taught me how to incorporate them into one cohesive essay. I would never have thought to do that.” Senior

“My son is very smart but not eager to show it because he feels it is bragging. He’s a math/science kid, so getting him to talk about himself to an unknown person is painful for him. Your process took out the guesswork and made it pain free. I was amazed with the end result and so was he.” Mom of Senior

“I’m a good writer and a leader in my school. I knew I had a good story to tell but didn’t know if colleges would think it was good. I really didn’t know what they wanted to see. Your process made it easy, and my story came out way better than I knew it to be!!!” Senior

You will learn how to:

  • Differentiate the most important elements of you – your personality, interests, talents, values, strengths, and character traits
  • Know what colleges want to read about, don’t want to read about, and the purpose of essays
  • Choose, create and tell your best story for the main essay/personal statement
  • Draw the reader in fast and keep them intrigued 
  • Build the rest of the story and end with what colleges need to know about you
  • Create and tell your best stories for supplemental/short answer essays
  • Understand how our brains are wired for story, based on the research of Brené Brown

Includes 30 winning main/personal statement essays and short answer/supplemental essays to demystify and shorten the brainstorming process.

BONUS Information included: valuable extra tips regarding college tours (for parents and students), what to showcase from your profile for strong applications, strengths colleges look for, important considerations for the other parts of the application.

Once purchased, students and parents will have 15 days to view the course and download the workbook.

I also offer individual coaching sessions to guide students in developing their personal statements and supplemental/short answer responses if desired. This ecourse is my introduction session which is a prerequisite for those sessions. Go to the scheduling tab to schedule a session after you have taken the ecourse. 

One Hour – Personal Statement/Main Essay OR 1-2 Short Answers (depends on length) 

1/2 Hour for 1 Short Answer (depends on length)

College Essay ecourse : Telling Your Best Story for College Successful Admissions Outcomes!