Spraetz Coaching Agreement


Welcome to Spraetz Coaching Services. It is truly a privilege for me to work with you.  Tapping into over 25 years of experience as entrepreneur, educational consultant, counselor, and coach, I specialize in helping clients develop action plans to clarify and pursue academic goals, personal growth avenues, and career direction, stemming from their strengths, personality characteristics, abilities, interests, skills and experience, values, and life goals. I am passionate about coaching individuals who value self-exploration and self-awareness.

I am so looking forward to working with you, and being a part of your success story as you work toward your goals. As we begin our work together, I’m enclosing my required Coaching Agreement. 

I look forward to working with you in this important exploration journey in your life!

Warm regards,
Leigh Anne Spraetz, BCC-Life/College/Career Coach
Certified Brené Brown Daring Way Facilitator
“Coaching Clients in Creating Their Personal, Academic and Career Futures”


The Career Coaching Relationship
The intention of this document is to clarify expectations for our coaching relationship.  A signed document reflects our mutual understanding of the benefits and limitations of our relationship.  

COMMITMENT:  Making the coaching relationship work is a shared responsibility. You are hiring me for specific selected coaching services. You realize there is no guaranteed outcome for college acceptances or career placement. I agree to an intention of bringing the most value for your time and money to each session.

FEE:  Please note the stated fee for the service you have selected. Payment is due at time of scheduling.

MEETING PROCEDURE: Our coaching sessions will take place by phone or at a pre-determined location.  We will arrange sessions on mutually agreed upon days and times, or by the date/time you select online.  Rescheduling an appointment with notice is easy.  If you have an emergency, we can work around it.  If an appointment is missed or cancelled on the day of our scheduled session, the full fee must be paid.

For High School Students and Parents:

Ms. Spraetz will not act as if on retainer by giving additional advisement via email inquiries versus scheduled sessions. Ms. Spraetz will respond to emails/inquiries for topics discussed in prior sessions, as long as there aren’t lengthy questions and discussion that would be better served in a session.

The student will be responsible for bringing what is needed for the session, and for meeting all essay assigned deadlines. Ms. Spraetz is not responsible for checking application accuracy or checking in with student to ensure assignments have been completed. It is understood that Ms. Spraetz cannot guarantee admissions to any college. For students meeting in person, no younger siblings allowed at sessions for liability sake. 

LIMITS OF CONSULATION: My goal is for you to be satisfied with our coaching relationship.  Our work together will focus on helping you to achieve your stated goals. I will not provide financial advice, legal advice, or any other advice outside my area of expertise.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Everything that is shared between us will be kept in confidence, within legal limits.  I do not share the same type of protection afforded a licensed therapist or lawyer.  My notes and my testimony can be subpoenaed.  I am also obligated to report your intent to harm yourself or others and your intent to commit a crime or your participation in a crime.

INTEGRITY OF THE RELATIONSHIP: The foundation of our coaching relationship is mutual trust and respect.  If at any time I say or do anything that is uncomfortable for you, please bring it to my attention immediately so we can discuss it and resolve the issue.  Each coaching relationship is unique, reflecting the needs and desires of the client.  We share a mutual responsibility to create a relationship that is satisfying and productive for both of us.  If you are in agreement with the above, please sign below.  Please email me a signed copy prior to our first session.

If there is something that is unclear or that you do not agree with, please email me at laspraetz@gmail.com or call me to discuss at 678.232.3803.  I look forward to assisting you as we work together toward your goals.


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