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The Beautiful Thing About Learning Is That No One Can Take It Away From You. -B.B. King

Leigh Anne (Hickman) Spraetz, M.A., Board Certified Coach


Tapping into over 25 years of experience as entrepreneur, educational consultant, counselor, and coach, Leigh Anne Spraetz specializes in helping clients develop action plans to clarify and pursue academic goals, personal growth avenues, and career direction stemming from their strengths, personality characteristics, abilities, interests, skills and experience, values, and life goals. She is passionate about coaching individuals who value self-exploration and self-awareness.  She has created and owned four businesses; each allowed her to remain aligned with her values and chosen career direction for that particular stage in her life.

She coaches individuals, providing strategies and techniques to tell their best story. She guides students in developing college essays, personal statements and first work-related resumes.  She assists adults in writing effective resumes which parallel with consistent messaging in their online presence, and arms them with tools to walk into interviews well-prepared.

She leads with compassion and support, but holds clients to high standards in their college admissions journey, job search, or career transition.

She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and holds workshops for women, corporations, adolescent programs, colleges, and more, based on the research of Brené Brown, for The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ programs. She is also certified in administering the Myers Briggs Personality Type™ assessment and the Strong Interest Inventory™.

Ms. Spraetz has published a book, millennial messages, for millennial women entering the workforce, pulling from her career experience and the wisdom of many other women, which can be purchased on Amazon. She has worked with over 1,000 clients and wanted to share lessons learned with her own daughter to equip her to enter the workforce courageously and confidently.

Testimonial from Parent of Thompson High School Senior, Class of 2019

Leigh Anne and I have been friends for many years. So many years, that I had no idea how much the process for applying to colleges has changed. When Leigh Anne and I were preparing for college, it seemed simple and straightforward. We took the ACT, sent it to the colleges of our choice and waited to be accepted. As my son begin approaching his senior year in high school, I thought we were...

Senior, Cambridge High School

Ms. Spraetz, thanks for the individual help, the encouragement and your infamous timeline for essays, applications and deadlines. It made my senior year so much more enjoyable and less stressful. I’m so excited for my future!  

Parent of Graduate School Applicant

Leigh Anne, It gives me great pleasure to inform you that my son has been accepted to Columbia University in New York to complete his degree program in Neuroscience. He moved to New York City after the holidays and enrolled in classes that began several weeks ago. He is doing very well. Thank you very much for the encouragement and guidance you provided to him.  

Wesleyan Senior

Hi Mrs. Spraetz! I am proud to say that all of my applications have been submitted. I was just accepted into my first university today. Thank you for all your help because I couldn’t have done it without you. Because of you, my apps have been sent in for weeks now and I can just enjoy my senior year. It’s a great feeling. Thanks again, and I will be sure to keep you updated on the results of my...

Parent of Senior, Mount Pisgah Christian School

You took the time to get to know our, what makes him tick, what makes him unique, and why his passion is business.  You helped him turn all of those little nuances into just the right essay that earned him not only admission to the college of his first choice but admission to its very selective college major too. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts and will continue to sing your...

Senior, Johns Creek High School

You made writing college essays, by far the hardest part of the whole process, into a relatively easy one. You got to know me so well on a personal level that you knew exactly what to pack into a 500 word paper. As the decision process ended, you never told me what to choose, but you gave me the proper advice and helped me think through the pros and cons. I am truly going to miss you next year....

Senior, Marist

Thank you so much for your help with my essays and college questions!  You have made this so enjoyable!  

Senior, Lambert High School

Mrs. Spraetz, I’m more than thankful for everything you’ve done for me throughout high school and helped provide me with the opportunities that you have. Without your guidance, I don’t believe I would have been able to be accepted into my reach school! Thank you for everything and have nothing but good things to say.

Parent of Alpharetta High School student

Your patience, knowledge and guidance were so helpful going through what can be an intimidating process. Thank you so much for all that you did to help my son get in to his first choice of colleges. You made this experience much easier than I ever thought it would be. Thank you for all of your help, advice and wisdom through the years and for helping my son to achieve his goals.

Parent of Centennial High School Senior

Thank you, Leigh Anne, for all of the help throughout the junior and senior year leading up to and applying to colleges. Having your assistance allowed our daughter to take control of this next step in her life a little more independently and we are thrilled with the results!  We are confident that she will do well and are glad that you were there to support her through the process.